Amazing ESTIMATING Power and FACILITY Maintenance Management

Feature Loaded

From massive COMPLEX databases generated directly from industry professionals to futuristic ALGORITHMS. SMFORCE is always growing and evolving with technology in mind to fuel your growth and organization.

Future Proof

CLOUD based and available ANYWHERE, SMFORCE is the most innovated service and maintenance tool available.

Powered by AMAZON AWS and secured by AMAZON AES-256 bit encryption

OPTIMIZE your Maintenance Program

From Contractor Service programs to Facility Service Requirements SMFORCE enables you to STANDARDIZE your estimates and forces the technicians to perform CONSISTENT and PROPER maintenance EVERY TIME!

Endless Potential

Speed up Estimating, Increase accuracy, Standardize your look and feel, Give Customers and Contractors MORE!, Understand maintenance costs, Simplify Capital Planning, ASHRAE COMPLIANCE, and so much more!

Flexibility Freedom


SMFORCE puts the POWER into your hands wherever you are.

Ease of Use

Based on the latest and greatest CLOUD based frameworks and technologies give SMFORCE and our community all the advantages we need!

Get started QUICK with our customizable starter databases containing THOUSANDS of industry
standard manufacturers, equipment types, filter, belts, tasking sheets and so much more!

Join our community today!

Feature Rich Design

Estimating Generators

Modern Estimating Tools

Generate those quick hit, replacement, repair, inspection, testing, field work orders, additional work requests or any quick estimate with a few simple clicks. From the field or the office SMFORCE provides you the speed, accuracy and tracking that are critical to service your customers.

Service Contract Generator - SMForce provides a fully customizable and EXTENSIVE database of equipment labor & material factors for putting together maintenance contracts while enforcing company standards. Add equipment, filters and belts with EASE and track overall site performance. All company specific labor rates, mark ups, factors and pricing is controlled safely and standardized at a COMPANY level.

Allowing all USERS to generate estimates that work for you.

Eliminating Those Costly Mistakes!

Site maintenance tasking management

Maintenance Tasking

What do your technicians do on a maintenance visit to a piece of equipment?

Do they all perform the same maintenance tasks?

How do you know?

SMFORCE is your answer! We AUTOMATICALLY generate industry standard tasking sheets based on each individual SITE & SEASON. Simple to use checklists sent directly to your field technicians, ensuring your maintenance program is up to date, standardized and ready for all the seasonal maintenance needs!

Did we mention these are fully customizable to fit your companies or clients needs!!

Enforce company standards

Standardize Estimating & Maintenance

Control costs and standards at a Company level. SMFORCE provides a extensive set of industry standard DATABASES for you to customize to your Company or Facility Requirements!
- Set company labor rates and labor grades
- Set company wide margins thresholds
- Create and Customize company wide proposal templates
- Create and Customize company wide terms, conditions and exclusions.
- Create and Customize company wide labor and material costs for maintenance per equipment types and sizes!
- Configure and manage company OR customer specific maintenance TASKS per equipment types and sizes!

SMFORCE is constantly growing with features and possibilities!

Change the industry


SMFORCE provides NEVER before seen technology and tools in the industry. From AUTOMATIC AGE checking algorithms to Equipment Tag Optical Character Recognition we are pushing the boundaries of technology to same TIME & MONEY and to eliminate mistakes!

Easily manage your facilities and teams


Contractors -
Manage your sales teams and provided added value to your customers!

Track sales, costs, maintenance tasks and more!
Enforce your company standards and drive consistent accountability of your field teams.

Facility Managers -
Manage your contractors! See all the your open/closed proposals in one easy to use portal across any number of contractors!

Track equipment, costs and see what is ready for repairs or replacements first hand.
Enforce your facility maintenance STANDARDS with customizable AUDIT ready tasking sheets stored and organized on SMFORCE.

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