About Us

To help improve and modernize the Service, Maintenance and Facility Management Industry!

We just want to do our part to help you and your team with service, maintenance and facility management!.

--- Cory W, Founder

Our number one goal is to provide our users and the SMFORCE community all the tools necessary to improve their business! We openly welcome IDEAS, CHANGES and FEEDBACK as we continue to grow our tools and services.

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About us

SMFORCE was conceptualized in a demanding HVAC service department. In the daily challenges of the industry, a sales manager who moonlights as a software engineer understood the demand and need to develop applications to automate many of the inaccurate, uncontrolled, redundant, and time-consuming tasks.

SMFORCE initially began with Estimating, immediately recognizing the industries complete lack of technology tools to standardize, control and expedite maintenance contract costs. SMFORCE developed complex databases and refined them to properly quickly estimate maintenance contracts.

The founders of SMFORCE continued to build tools for every facet of the industry, from Tasking to Site and Equipment Management from a real service department and customer perspective. It was realized that by using their rapidly expanding databases and complex algorithms, the options to clients were endless.

Today SMFORCE is proud to bring these state-of-the-art tools to standardize maintenance programs, estimation of costs, and streamline technicians tasking and facility maintenance standards.