How does SMForce help contractors and service providers?





Contractor and Service Provider Specific Benefits

  • Standardizing

    Enforce and create company standards. From templates to margins, get your sales teams organized and standardized.

  • Tasking

    Generate company standard or customer specific Maintenance Tasking checklists to ensure your technicians are accountable and performing all the necessary maintenance.

  • Estimating

    Standardize your estimates look, feel and always the security and safety of the cloud storage (AWS). Our powerful and customizable builders and generators make estimate a quick and painless task!

  • Speed & Efficiency

    Save time with our generators, maintenance estimate builders and pre-loaded databases of equipment, labor and materials. Eliminate much of the tedious entry and searching for equipment information with our aOCR and AI technologies!

  • Customization & Reporting

    Easily see your sales team productivity with our reporting dashboards, set follow-up reminders and auto-generate reports to enhance and hold your teams accountable. SMForce is a fully customizable framework to fit your companies specific needs! Easy to setup and always improving!

  • Customer Portal

    Offer your customers more! with the customer portal active they can log on and see all their sites, proposals, equipment, tasking sheets and more!